Following the volcano’s intense activity, which began with the Tsunami of 2002, and continued with the violent paroxysmal eruptions of 2003 and 2007, access to the volcano has been restricted since 2005.

Also the trail network, which is maintained by the Department of Civil Defence and the Sicilian State Forestry Office, has been reorganized: while there is free access to all trails below 400 metres a.s.l., above this altitude, visitors must be accompanied by licensed alpine or volcanologic guides. The volcano can now be accessed along a newly-designed path, which is safer and more comfortable than the paths previously used.

The new regulation (see – COA) foresees a restriction on the number of hikers: groups can have a maximum of 20 participants, and not more than 80 persons can stay on the volcano’s summit at any one time. Prior to the excursion the guide provides a list of participants, the itinerary, the time of departure and the estimated time of return to the Advanced Operating Centre (COA) and the Stromboli police station.

Before setting off, every participant must sign a document in which he declares to know that the volcano excursion involves a certain degree of risk (large explosions or sudden landslides).