To improve excursion organization, it is necessary to book as soon as possible, by email:
info@magmatrek.it, or by telephone, calling 090 9865768.

Excursions to the volcano from Stromboli and from Ginostra

From March 15th to October 31st we organize excursions for individuals and for groups (in daytime and afternoon).

Afternoon excursions to the craters

5 hours. Rest break every 30 minutes. Observation time at the viewing site of the craters depends on the volcano’s activity and varies from 15 to 45
minutes. Departure time: from 3 pm to 5.30 pm depending on the season. Departure times may vary by half an hour. Excursions are carried out all
the year round with a minimum of 10 persons forming a group. Cost: 28 € a person + the volcano’s access tax issued by the County of Lipari (3 €).

Excursions with a personal guide

A personal guide is available for those who wish to visit the volcano in safety alone, or with a small group of friends. Depending on different needs,
itineraries can be personalized regarding times and approach; the guide can also be chosen with regard to the language spoken. Cost: to define.

School Excursions

Over the years we have developed a notable experience with italian and foreign schools-excursions offered are for students at high school level with
particular attention being paid to the educational aspects of the volcano and the island’s cultural heritage. Upon request we can organize safe and
easier walks for younger age students and children. Cost: to define.

Excursions departing and returning to Lipari on the same day

For those who overnight in Lipari and wish to go there after the excursion there is a boat service available: “Da Massimo” (info and bookings: www.damassimo.it).


We always try to offer a range of information regarding the islands, including transport and accommodation.

General Conditions

These excursions are available to all age groups, but as certain tracks are particularly steep, and climatic conditions particularly hot in the summer
months, trekkers/excursionists need to be in peak physical condition and provided with the necessary equipment. For these reasons the climb is not
suitable for those with a known heart condition, asthmatics, persons who suffer from vertigo.

Excursions with children

Children aged 7-12 years can join the excursion only if motivated, in very good phisical condition and used to climb.

For safety reasons the guide reserves the right to the final decision regarding whether the excursion goes ahead (based on weather conditions, equipment or the preparation and physical condition of each individual excursionist).

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